January 16, 2018 (January 15, 3019)

The Bridge of Khazad-dûm

Shire Reckoning: January 15, 3019 (Afteryule 15, 1420)

Pages To Read:
-FR.JourneyInTheDark “He woke and found that” (~p.24) – FR.Lothlorien “take the road south as soon as it is fully light” (~p.14)

Note from the coordinator: Yes the reading is long but please please please read at least The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm. It’s super good and amazing and suspenseful and exciting and yeah just read it. It’s like 12 pages. Plus it has the most iconic scene. Seriously it’s like Tolkien used up all his exciting writing on this one chapter. (I mean there’s more good stuff later but I digress)

Lay of Nimrodel, by Colin John Rudd. Interesting take on the song; Colin John Rudd has a bit more of a spoken-word style. I will also give this song a bit more of a spotlight in the future, just want to focus on Khazad-Dûm today!

Journey In The Dark:
– Morning comes and light filters into the hall, proving that they have come to the eastern edge of Moria. Even Gimli is ready to leave, satisfied at having seen Moria.
– Trying to find the best way out, the Company comes across a brightly lit room. Inside lies a tomb. (Art by peet)
– The tomb is revealed to contain Balin. Yes, Balin from the Hobbit. Rest in peace, my good man.

The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm:
– Gimli and the rest of the Company are saddened by this discovery. In another side room, they ominously find dead bodies and bones.
– Gandalf picks up a stained book lying around and carefully tries to read it.
– Working with Gimli, Gandalf manages to decipher some passages from the book which appears to be a record of Balin’s attempted recolonization of Moria. It all went well for a couple of years until orcs and such inevitably showed up. They flip the final page.
– There is only a short, grim passage, saying a bunch of intense things and just go read it this is like the best part!!!
– Just as the Company reads the words ‘drums in the deep’ and decide to make a hasty exit, they hear a huge boom coming from the depths below. Yes, a literal drum in the deep.
– The drums get louder and horns answer as the Company hears the sound of feet approaching. The room they are stuck in has two exits. One has a huge horde of Orcs, Uruks, and trolls outside, which obviously Boromir and Aragorn try to barricade. A troll bashes its way in, and the company bravely fights off a first wave of orcs.
– They retreat momentarily and the Company tries to escape through the other door. A huge orc-chieftain catches them just before they get out and seemingly impales Frodo with a spear toss. Aragron dispatches of him quickly, then grabs Frodo and gets the heck out of there. The rest follow suit, although Gimli has to be dragged away from the tomb by Legolas.
– Frodo, of course, is alive (wow such a worthwhile dramatic reveal of your secret armor), and Gandalf hurries them down the stairs. He tells them to go on while he holds the door. Aragorn wants to help, but Gandalf proclaims “‘Swords are no more use here.’
– As they stumble down, they see a huge flash of light above and Gandalf comes crashing down.
– They continue down (remember the hall had been above the level of the gate) as the temperature rises and the sounds of pursuit fade.
– Gandalf explains that he had felt an evil presence in the chamber and the orcs had been chanting something to do with ‘fire.’ The passages start to glow red as they near the exit.
– Suddenly they come out into a great hall. Across the hall, a bridge leads to the stairs which will take them up to the gate and into the sun. There’s a huge chasm in the hall floor, filled with flames, but it seems to not stand in their way. As they dash across the huge room, the orcs catch up but are stuck on the other side of the chasm.
– As the Company reaches the bridge, a menacing creature appears in the flames behind them. Even the orcs cower away from it in fear. Yes you guessed it, it’s the Balrog of Moria, Durin’s Bane. It is primarily described as being wreathed in shadows, although it does wield a blazing sword and a whip.
– At this point just go read the scene pls.
– Gandalf is dismayed, saying the equivalent of “I’m too old for this ****”.
– The Company dashes across the bridge at Gandalf’s insistence, although Aragorn and Boromir wait at the far side of the bridge, unwilling to leave Gandalf behind. The Balrog reaches the bridge where Gandalf stands alone, bearing his staff in his left hand and Glamdring in his right. (art by aegeri)
– Super famous quote happens, Gandalf destroys the bridge, Balrog drags down Gandalf with it, and JUST GO READ IT
– Aragorn leads everyone away and indeed they quickly reach the gate and come out into the bright light of day. They make it some distance from the gates, and grief overcomes the Company as the drum beats fade.

– Some stuff happens. I’ll probably cover this in more detail tomorrow as I want to let everyone enjoy the best chapter on its own despite more stuff technically happening today.
– In brief: The Company travels down into the Dimrill Dale towards Lothlórien, an Elvish realm. They stop for a bit by the Falls of Nimrodel and Legolas sings a song. Frodo reveals his mithril coat and everyone has some nice bonding moments. In the evening, they are approached by the Lothlórien border patrol and Legolas manages make a deal with them.

Quotes & Trivia:
– So of course Gandalf, being the quote master, has to pack in several more famous quotes before he can fall to his doom. The best and most iconic, is of course his showdown with the Balrog:
“‘You cannot pass,’ he said. The orcs stood still, and a dead silence fell. ‘I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass.'”
– Also great is his pre-battle command: “‘Fly! This is a foe beyond any of you. I must hold the narrow way. Fly!’” And of course his death quote: “‘Fly, you fools!’
– An underrated element of this chapter is Boromir and especially Aragorn’s devotedness to Gandalf and the fact that they actually try to assist him (or at least offer their help throughout). Although Gandalf does do most of the heavy lifting, it’s not exactly like he’s just soloing this dungeon with no assistance, which is a common problem for many overpowered fantasy characters.

Movie Scenes:
– The whole Balrog fight is a little less intense in the 1977 Bakshi animated move, but it’s still interesting to see.
– Then we have the PJ version of this scene which, like the book, is one of the best parts of the whole series. I really like how the whole sequence is done pretty faithfully, especially the final confrontation with Durin’s Bane, which of course is, like, the most epic movie scene of all time. Link here. How can you resist watching it again after today’s chapter, really?

Other content:
Fonstad Map of Moria. Cool map showing the layout of Moria. Obviously with all her maps, there are some story spoilers, so, yeah.
Tolkien Ensemble Song of Nimrodel. Actually pretty nice.

From The Tale of years:
The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, and fall of Gandalf. The Fellowship reaches Nimrodel late at night.

Notes: Sorry if I got a bit excited while writing this, but I really love this chapter. Also I just couldn’t bring myself to type out a huge thing for the Chapter 6 content today, I felt the focus should just stay on the epic Chapter 5. Tomorrow I’ll go back and fill in those details. ~Tom


January 15, 2018 (January 14, 3019)

Company journeys through Moria

Shire Reckoning: January 14, 3019 (Afteryule 14, 1420)

Pages To Read:
-FR.Journey “It was Gandalf who roused them” (~p.20) – “saw the two pale points of light approaching, slowly” (~p.24)

Durin’s Awakening Song, by the Lonely Mountain Band. I usually feature a certain other someone’s music, but seriously this is the best version of this song, hands down. Absolutely give it a play when you get to it in the reading. I know most people usually skip the songs, especially on their first read-through of LOTR, but maybe Lonely Mountain Band can change your mind.

– After six hours (!) of thought, Gandalf finally decides a passage to take. (Art: Gandalf in Moria, by DonatoArts)
– The Company marches all day, some fifteen or twenty miles. When night has fallen outside, they reach a large hall (windows let them know that it is night). All that’s left is to go down to the gates at the east side of the mountain and out into the Dimrill Dale.
– As they spend the night in the hall, Gimli sings a song about the glorious past of the Dwarves and their mines. (See above)
– Gimli becomes silent after his song, and Gandalf tells Sam a bit about the Dwarves’ finest export: Mithril.
– Gandalf reveals that the Mithril coat that Thorin gave Bilbo was worth more the than the whole Shire. Frodo, who is still secretly wearing the coat, marvels at this.
– Frodo takes the first watch as everyone else goes to bed, and sees two pale points of light across the hall. He figures it must be his imagination and when he does go to sleep, he continues to see them in his dreams.

Trivia, quotes, and details:
– Not sure why Frodo keeps his possession of the mithril coat a secret. I guess he just wants to do a dramatic reveal later.

Other versions of the song:
The world was young, the mountains green, by Adele McAllister. If you thought featuring someone else’s version of a song would mean I would exclude AM you would be wrong! Good as always, although not as good as her best songs.
Song of Durin, by the Tolkien Ensemble. If you’ve been listening to the Tolkien Ensemble, you, uh, know what to expect. Included just for completion.
Song of Durin, by Clamavi De Profundis. If you really liked their version of Over the Misty Mountains Cold (which you should because it’s amazing), check this one out too. Not quite as good, but still pretty epic.

Other content:
Dwarvish Armor, by TurnerMohan. Cool design for first age Dwarvish armor. Fits with the theme of the song today.

Tale of years:
Night in Hall Twenty-one.

Notes: Pretty short update today, relatively, and several hours earlier in the day too! If I continue this trend, might actually get updates out in the morning again… Anyway, definitely listen to the Lonely Mountain Band version of the song today, it’s one of my favorite Tolkien songs ever. ~Tom

PS TOMORROW IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST DAY OF THIS ENTIRE PROJECT JUST PREPARE YOURSELF. Seriously we cover the entire next chapter which is unquestionably my favorite chapter of the entire book. Be ready for me fanboying in the update (like usual, to be honest).

December 25, 2017 (December 25, 3018)

The Company departs from Rivendell

Shire Reckoning: December 25, 3018 (Foreyule 25, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.RingGoesSouth “On the morning of the last day” (~p.5) – “they strode away far into the night” (~p.10)

I Sit Beside the Fire and Think, by Adele McAllister (beautiful version as always). As usual, I recommend playing this when you get to the song in the text.

– On the morning of the last day, Frodo visits Bilbo one last time. Bilbo gives him Sting, his sword from The Hobbit, as well as his chain mail shirt made of mithril, a special Dwarven metal.
– Bilbo says some kind words to Frodo, and asks him to bring back stories and songs.
– Before Frodo leaves, he hears Bilbo hum a melancholy tune. (See song above)
– The Company prepares to depart at dusk, as per the advice of Elrond. Elrond warns them to travel at night if possible and be wary of Sauron’s spies.
– The Company is lightly outfitted, due to the need for secrecy. Aragorn carries only Andúril (the reforged Sword of Elendil). Boromir carries a sword and shield, as well as the Horn of Gondor. Gimli is the only one openly wearing mail, and he casually carries an axe in his belt. Legolas has a bow and a knife. The hobbits have swords from the Barrow way back on the edge of the Shire. Frodo carries Sting but wears his mail shirt hidden beneath his clothes, as Bilbo had advised. Gandalf has his staff of course, but also carries Glamdring, his sword from The Hobbit. Elrond gives everyone warm winter clothes. Finally, remember Bill the pony (from Bree)? He’s coming too!! He carries their blankets and supplies; Sam insisted that he would beg to come if he could talk.
– The Company waits anxiously outside, Gandalf being the last to arrive. Sam realizes he forgot to bring rope. Elrond comes out and gives them a final word of farewell, reminding everyone that Frodo alone has responsibility for bringing the Ring to Mordor.
– The Company winds their way up out of the valley and onto the moors. They have one last glance at the twinkling lights of the Last Homely House before journeying away into the darkness.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– Really evocative imagery: “It was a cold grey day near the end of December. The East Wind was streaming through the bare branches of the trees, and seething in the dark pines on the hills. Ragged clouds were hurrying overhead, dark and low. As the cheerless shadows of the early evening began to fall the Company made ready to set out.
– Sam’s bond with Bill the pony is really cute, and I like the detail that the pony is “the only member of the Company that did not seem depressed.
– The contents of Sam’s pack are rather funny: “his chief treasure, his cooking gear; and the little box of salt that he always carried and refilled when he could; a good supply of pipe-weed (but not near enough, I’ll warrant); flint and tinder; woollen hose: linen; various small belongings of his master’s that Frodo had forgotten and Sam had stowed to bring them out in triumph when they were called for.”
– Clever exchange between Gimli and Elrond: “‘Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens,’ said Gimli. ‘Maybe,’ said Elrond, ‘but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.’

The Ring goes South, by rysowAnia. Stunning painting of the dusk departure.

Other Music:
Bilbo’s Song, by NyaNyaNinichan. Another really nice version of the song from today.
Bilbo’s Song, by Tolkien Ensemble. Obligatory Tolkien Ensemble version of the song. It’s pleasant enough.

From The Tale of Years:
The Fellowship of the Ring leaves Rivendell at dusk.

Notes: Really somber departure. I’m not a huge fan of the two-month break we just had to wait through, but I do love the scenes from today, which restore the urgency of Middle Earth’s dire situation. Updates will be nearly daily from now on, and the next major event is the second week of January. ~Tom

December 12, 2017

Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold

Just giving a special highlight to one of my favorite Tolkien songs, which is featured in The Hobbit, chapter 1. It summarizes the attack of Smaug on Erebor and the subsequent motivations for the Dwarves to return to the Lonely Mountain. Text can be found here.

Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold, by Clamavi De Profundis. Extremely epic cover of the song. I linked this way back when I covered the Hobbit, but it’s definitely worth checking out again!
Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold, by Norloth. Nice colorful art, featuring the chorus in Dwarvish runes.
Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold, by Norloth. Same title & artist, different piece. Really cool composition.

Notes: As the classic Dwarven song, I figured I’d give it it’s own day during Dwarf Week. If you find yourself bored today, I’d check out Clamavi De Profundis’s YouTube channel. They have a ton of epic covers of Tolkien songs and more. ~Tom

December 3, 2017

Some random Rivendell music

Links to Other Content:
Rivendell, by Pär Lindh & Björn Johansson. This is the fifth track of a cool progressive rock album inspired by The Hobbit. This particular song is pretty light and fun, and heavily inspired by the Elvish ditty in The Hobbit chapter 3.
Rivendell, by Rush. If you know any Rush, you will immediately notice this is very atypical for them. In any case, it’s a nice relaxing song describing a rest in Rivendell.

Notes: Our heroes are indeed still just sitting around Rivendell. Honestly it’s a bit unclear why everyone needs to rest for so long when the urgency was well established at the Council of Elrond. In any case, we’ll cover the appendix on Dwarves next week, then finally pick back up with our main story on December 15. ~Tom

November 3, 2017 (November 3, 3018)

Hobbits rest in Rivendell

Shire Reckoning: November 3, 3018 (Blotmath 3, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.RingGoesSouth “For a while the hobbits continued to talk and think of the past journey and of the perils that lay ahead; but such was the virtue of the land of Rivendell that soon all fear and anxiety was lifted from their minds. The future, good or ill, was not forgotten, but ceased to have any power over the present. Health and hope grew strong in them, and they were content with each good day as it came, taking pleasure in every meal, and in every word and song.” (~p.3)

– The Hobbits relax in Rivendell and the general mood of the place lifts their spirits.

Links to Other Content:
Rivendell, by Miruna-Lavinia. Beautiful painting of (movie-inspired) Rivendell.

The Prophecy, by Yolanda Mott. (All that is gold does not glitter…)
Beren and Tinuviel, by Colin Rudd.
Both of these are great renditions of songs we’ve already heard. Included them today because presumably the Hobbits are listening to plenty of great music in Rivendell as well! Perhaps these very songs…

Notes: Everything seems a lot better when you’re in a magical house where Elves live. Next update won’t be for a while, but we will finally cover why Strider/Aragorn seemed to know so much about Rivendell. ~Tom

October 26, 2017 (October 25, 3018)

Council of Elrond

Shire Reckoning: October 25, 3018 (Winterfilth 25, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.CouncilOfElrond (start) – FR.TheRingGoesSouth “That’s what I often wonder” (~p.3)
note: feel free to skip the parts about Gandalf’s summer that we already read

Music (all by Tolkien Ensemble feat. Christopher Lee):
Boromir’s Riddle
The Riddle of Strider (II)
Verse of the Rings (II) – Highly recommended to hear C. Lee reading the Black Speech!!
Warning of Winter

Events (there’s just so much, and I’ve even left a lot out):
– Frodo attends the Council of Elrond first thing in the morning, and Sam tags along unnoticed.
– The full cast of characters are introduced, including a young dwarf Gimli (Glóin’s son), Legolas (son of the Elvenking from The Hobbit), and Boromir (the prince of Gondor in the South).
– Glóin updates the council on the situation of the Dwarves: the party that explored Moria had been lost and an ominous messenger from Sauron had asked about Hobbits.
– Elrond tells the story of the Ring. Long story short: Isildur takes it when Sauron is defeated and it leads to his death, at which time it is lost.
– Elrond then reminds everyone how the plight of men and elves took a dive during the third age and how dire the current situation is.
– Boromir tells how Gondor lost the important city of Osgiliath earlier this summer. He also states that he is at the Council because of a dream his brother and he had, in which they heard a riddle.
– Aragorn (Strider) stands and shows the Council the “Sword that was broken” mentioned in that riddle. He reveals himself to be the descendant of Isildur.
– Gandalf prompts Frodo to bring forth the Ring. Aragorn and Boromir bicker over the Ring and the Sword, and Bilbo speaks in defense of his friend Aragorn.
– The Council debates whether Frodo’s ring is indeed the One Ring. Gandalf recounts how he spent a long time (17 years) confirming this, including Aragorn’s shenanigans trying to capture Gollum, and his encounters with Saruman. Finally, a scroll written by Isildur gives the final piece of the puzzle: writing on the One Ring revealed by heat. He reads the Ring Verse for the Council, who are deeply unsettled.
– Legolas reveals that Gollum has escaped his imprisonment and his whereabouts are unknown.
– Gandalf delivers his story from the summer regarding Saruman. (We experienced this in real time, but to recap: he is captured by Saruman who reveals desire to use the One Ring for himself. Gandalf refuses to help, and eventually escapes with the help of Radagast and the Great Eagles.)
– Gandalf then recounts how he had attempted to track Frodo down with his super-fast horse Shadowfax from Rohan. Turns out it was indeed Gandalf at Weathertop which Team Frodo had seem in the distance.
– Elrond and his sons suggest using Bombadil as either an active ally or a hiding place for the Ring, but Gandalf shoots them down. Glorfindel agrees, saying “‘to send the Ring to him would only postpone the day of evil.’
– After some discussion, Elrond gives a great speech and concludes the only option is to send the Ring into Mordor to destroy it.
– A long discussion ensues about possibilities going forward, ending with Bilbo tiredly offering his help. Gandalf lets Bilbo down easily, admitting that there is no possibility of Bilbo being any help.
– After a long awkward silence, Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor, with a great quote: “‘I will take the Ring,’ he said, ‘though I do not know the way.’
– Elrond admits that it seems fate is pointing that way, and declares support for Frodo’s choice.
– Sam finally pipes up, voicing desire to go along with Frodo. Elrond is amused and agrees that Sam should go.
– Later that day, Merry and Pippin hear about the proceeding, and envy Sam’s spot alongside Frodo in the journey to come. Gandalf joins them and states that he was the only one not surprised by Frodo’s courageous decision.
– At this point, only Sam and Frodo are confirmed members of the expedition, although Gandalf expresses the likelihood of his joining in.
– Bilbo notes that Frodo will be in Rivendell for a long time while scouts gather news of the outside world and companions are chosen. He and Frodo agree to work together in finishing his book in the meantime.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– Bilbo reveals that he actually wrote the famous verse about Strider. (‘All that is gold does not glitter…’)
– The passage that Gandalf shares from Isildur’s “diary” is really great because of how it reads like a real-life historical primary source.
– The image of Butterbur being scared of Gandalf literally burning him to a crisp, only to have the old wizard give him a big hug is just too funny.
– Elrond’s speech: “‘… [I]t seems to me now clear which is the road that we must take. The westward road seems easiest. Therefore it must be shunned. It will be watched. Too often the Elves have fled that way. Now at this last we must take a hard road, a road unforeseen. There lies our hope, if hope it be. To walk into peril – to Mordor. We must send the Ring to the Fire.’
– Elrond also has some funny lines, particularly his line to Sam at the end of the chapter: “‘It is hardly possible to separate you from him, even when he is summoned to a secret council and you are not.’

Links to Other Content:
The Sword that was Broken, kby kamiiyu (featured). Beautiful drawing of Boromir’s riddle, written in Dwarvish runes.
Boromir, by Deevad. Really cool portrait of one of the new characters introduced today.
Boromir arrives to Rivendell, by 10shuart. Depiction of Boromir arriving the other day.
Gimli, by black3. Perfect drawing of another new character.

Tale of Years:
Council of Elrond.

Notes: Wow, there’s a lot of exposition today! Cool stuff all around, and since there is not much action for the next several weeks/months, there’s plenty of time to read this chapter at your leisure. As a side note, I keep hearing Sean Bean delivering all of Boromir’s lines in my head – he just really nailed the haughty tone that Boromir has in this chapter. Tons of art to follow in the coming days, then updates will be more scattered as preparations are made for the main journey. ~Tom

October 25, 2017 (October 24, 3018)

Frodo wakes in Rivendell

Shire Reckoning: October 24, 3018 (Winterfilth 24, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.ManyMeetings (start) – (end)

Song of Eärendil, by Adele McAllister. It’s a long one (3 pages of the chapter), but she does a great job as always.
Elven Hymn to Elbereth Gilthoniel (II), by The Tolkien Ensemble. Gorgeous singing in Sindarin. Definitely listen as you read the last scene today.

– Frodo wakes in a strange bed, blearily wondering what is going on. Gandalf is there to give up all the updates. (Illustration by DonatoArts)
– It has been four nights and three days since Frodo was carried into Rivendell, and Elrond (the lord of Rivendell) has been hard at work healing him this whole time.
– Gandalf is a bit cryptic about where he has been this whole time; he mainly says “I was delayed” and only adds that he was “held captive.”
– Gandalf and Frodo have a long discussion about the wound, and what it could have meant. Basically, Frodo could have turned into a wraith had Elrond not gotten a splinter out.
– Frodo naps some more, and gets up in the evening. He finds Sam, who had been watching over him while he was unconscious, and asks him to guide him around the halls. (Illustration, by smokygouda)
– Frodo and Sam find Merry and Pippin, who joke around a bit and reveal that a feast has been prepared for Frodo.
– At the feast, Frodo looks around in awe at the majestic elves. He sees Elrond for the first time, as well as Arwen his daughter. He sits next to Glóin (from The Hobbit) at the table, who updates him on all the happenings in the Dwarf world.
– After the fest, Frodo goes with everyone to the Hall of Fire, where he finally meets Bilbo! They talk about what Bilbo has been up to, and he mentions wanting to see the Ring again. Frodo reluctantly shows him, but is a bit frightened when a shadow falls over Bilbo and he appears as a little wrinkled creature. Bilbo realizes his mistake and changes the subject.
– Bilbo goes off with Strider to finish the song he has been working on, and Frodo listens to the elves singing enchanting songs for a while.
– After a bit, Bilbo performs his new song ‘Eärendil was a mariner.’ (illustration, by AbePapakhian) He jokes around a bit with Lindir afterward, then goes off with Frodo to talk more before bed.
– They talk late into the night, until Sam comes and reminds Frodo to get to bed.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– Sam is given a seat of honor at the feast, despite his desire to wait on Frodo. Even Elves know who the real hero is…
– Eärendil was, as you remember, Elrond’s father, which is why Bilbo thought it was risky to write an original composition about him.
– Lots of good Frodo/Sam moments today, but Merry and Pippin kinda get ignored. At least Pippin gets a few funny lines before Frodo leaves them behind to socialize with more important people…

Links to Other Content:
Fonstad Map: Journey through October 20. Review of how Team Frodo made it to Rivendell. There are two options for the journey through the Trollshaws, due to ambiguities in the text and contradictions with The Hobbit.
River of Bruinen, by breath-art. Great mural-style review of the events from Flight To the Ford.
Earendil the Mariner. Great painting of the hero of the First Age.

Tale of Years:
Frodo recovers and wakes. Boromir arrives in Rivendell at night.

Notes: We made it to Rivendell!! We’ll be here for quite a while, so buckle in. Most of the reading will be concentrated on the Council of Elrond tomorrow, then we’ll just have some scattered art and a couple appendices to carry us through the end of the year. ~Tom

October 19, 2017 (October 18, 3018)

The Hobbits see Bilbo’s trolls & Glorfindel finds them at dusk

Shire Reckoning: October 18, 3018 (Winterfilth 18, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.Flight “The morning dawned bright and fair” (~p.8) – “good breakfast in the Shire had done” (~p.15)

Stone Troll (Troll Song), by The Hobbitons. A fun, rowdy rendition of Sam’s song about the troll from today. Highly recommend playing the song as you get to it in the book.

– In the morning, the sunlight makes everyone feel a little better, and Strider confirms that they are getting closer to the Ford (where they will cross to Rivendell).
– Realizing that they need to get back to the road to make good time, the team hastens down from the hills.
– Along the way, they see a Troll-hole full of old bones, empty jars and broken pots. Pippin’s a bit spooked, even more so when he finds three trolls in a clearing in the woods.
– When the rest of the team catches up and find that the trolls are stone, Frodo realizes it is the same trolls that Bilbo came across long ago.
– Sam agrees to provide some entertainment to lift everyone’s spirits, so he makes up a fun little song about a troll on the spot. (See above for link)
– After they’ve had their fun, Team Frodo makes it to the road and proceeds with caution.
– They hear hooves again, but this time they sound a bit less frightening. Indeed, a gorgeous white horse pulls up with a gorgeous elf named Glorfindel, who has been sent by Elrond to assist Frodo.
– Glorfindel briefly recounts his recent efforts to find Frodo and Strider updates him on Frodo’s wound. Glorfindel looks at the wound, confirms its seriousness, and puts Frodo on his horse. He leads the group toward Rivendell, and they walk literally all night.
– When the next morning finally comes, they get a bit of sleep on the side of the road.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– Frodo is so impressed with Sam’s song that he comments Sam might turn into a wizard or a warrior by the time the journey is over. We shall see whether or not that comes true…

Links to Other Content:
A Song in the Trollshaws, by Ted Nasmith (featured). Nasmith illustration of the scene at the troll glade.
Trollshaws, by ralphdamiani. Another great painting of the stone trolls.
Troll sat alone on his seat of stone, by MatejCadil. Illustration of the troll in Sam’s song holding the “bone he boned from its owner.”


– Two other versions of the Troll Song: Broceliande, and Tolkien Ensemble

The Tale of Years:
Glorfindel finds Frodo at dusk. Gandalf reaches Rivendell.

Notes: Glorfindel to the rescue!! Honestly gotta admit that it was nice to give this part in the movie to a character would actually be important later, but Glorfindel’s cool too. Another thing of note is that despite unbearable pain in his shoulder, Frodo manages to joke around in the woods with friends. Thank you for not being a wimp, Frodo. ~Tom