February 28, 2018 (February 28, 3019)

Orcs carrying MP are overrun, FS journey through the Emyn Muil

Shire Reckoning: February 28, 3019 (Solmath 28, 1420)

Pages to read:
– TT.TamingOfSmeagol (start) – “they were sheltered from the easterly wind” (~p.2)
– TT.Riders “So the third day of their pursuit” (~p.7) – “between down and fen when day returns” (~p.8)”
– TT.UrukHai “For a long time he was tossed and shaken” (~p.7) – “the Wild Wood in wonder at their first Dawn” (~p.16)

Taming of Sméagol
– Frodo and Sam labour through the barren hills of the Emyn Muil. It is now the third evening since the Breaking of the Fellowship, and despite making steady progress east, they feel discouraged.
– Sam gazes south toward Mordor and laments that the one place no one would ever want to go is their goal. Frodo just wants to get there quickly and get the whole ordeal over with. (Art by Miruna Lavinia)
– Sam complains that although he has all of his cooking gear in his pack, they have no food other than lembas, and no fuel to start a fire.

Riders of Rohan
– Nothing particularly eventful happens during the third day of AGL’s pursuit. They run all day, seeing no sign of the orcs. This leads Aragorn to fear that the orcs have already escaped into the forest.

– Earlier today, Pippin is tossed on the ground as the sun rises. The orcs give him some food, and more orc-draught. He looks around and realizes that they have reached the southern end of the Misty Mountains, and that they are getting near Fangorn Forest – a huge mysterious forest on the edge of the mountains.
– Grishnákh and Uglúk have another argument as they realize that they are being pursued by horse-riders of Rohan. All day, they run towards the forest, carrying the hobbits.
– The Riders slowly catch up, starting to pick off straggling orcs with arrows. Just as the orcs get to the edge of the forest, they find themselves surrounded.
– Stranded on a hill, the orcs make some watch-fires, and prepare for a valiant stand. MP are kept alive as per orders, but they are tightly bound. (Art by Julaxart)
– During the night, Pippin realizes that Grishnákh knows a bit about the Ring. Pippin pretends to be Gollum, and tries to manipulate Grishnákh into freeing them. He refuses to untie them, but does sneak them out of camp. However, the Riders are closing in, and as battle ensues, Grishnákh is killed and Merry and Pippin make their escape.
– Just as morning is about to come, Merry and Pippin duck into Fangorn Forest to avoid the battle. (Art by Joe Gilronan)

Other content:
Fellowship Stretches, by luminanaza. Funny pic of AGL stretching during a break in their run.

From The Tale of Years:
Éomer overtakes the Orcs just outside Fangorn Forest.

Notes: Tried to keep things very brief today, especially as I’m typing this up at the last minute late in the day. As an organizational note, I generally will choose the reading order of the chapters so that the last events of the day (MP escaping towards dawn) get read last. ~Tom


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