February 26, 2018 (February 26, 3019)

Breaking of the Fellowship

Shire Reckoning: February 26, 3019 (Solmath 26, 1420)

Lament for Bomomir, by Karliene. Legitimately the best Tolkien cover. Please listen instead of just skipping over it!! I beg you.

Pages to read:
– FR.Breaking “The day came like fire and smoke” (~p.1) – (end)

– TT.DepartureOfBoromir (start) – TT.RidersOfRohan “stirred their cloaks, the chill wind of dawn” (~p.2)
– TT.UrukHai (start) – “payment is only put off. leg it!” (~p.7)

Breaking of the Fellowship:
– The sun rises as Frodo gazes out at Tol Brandir. Aragorn calls the company together and declares that everyone must decide their course of action today. 
– The Ring bearer’s decision is the most pressing, and Frodo says he needs some time to decide.  Sam notices Boromir staring at him strangely.
– Frodo makes his way alone up the side of Amon Hen. Along the way, he reflects on his journey so far, trying to decide what to do.
– He suddenly feels an unpleasant presence, but it is just Boromir, who appears friendly. Boromir wants to talk with Frodo and give him advice. However, Frodo admits that he knows what he must do – he is just afraid of doing it. Boromir starts getting pushy, asking why Frodo refuses his advice. Frodo voices doubt in the strength and truth of Men.
– Frodo says that there is no hope for Gondor while the Ring exisists. Boromir is irritated, and asks to see the Ring again. Frodo refuses, seeing a strange gleam in Boromir’s eyes.
– Boromir reveals plans to use the Ring for good, and berates Frodo for wanting to throw it away. He goes on and on about how Men are stronger than wizards and Elves and how they could harness the Ring against the Enemy.
– Frodo sadly states that his decision is even clearer now: to head straight for Mordor. Boromir directly demands that Frodo lend him the Ring. Frodo refuses, and with a “raging fire” in his eyes, Boromir leaps at Frodo. Frodo panics and slips the Ring on his finger.
– With Frodo invisible, Boromir runs about wildly, cursing Frodo and accusing him of working for Sauron. Then he trips over a rock and falls flat on his face. After a moment, he begins to weep. He cries out “‘Frodo! Come back! A madness took me, but it has passed. Come back!'”
– However, Frodo is already lone gone, having run away in terror. He soon reaches the summit of Amon Hen, where a great stone throne overlooks the land below. Still wearing the Ring, Frodo gets up onto the Seat of Seeing and sees visions of faraway lands. (Art by John Howe)
– All across Middle Earth, Frodo sees signs of war. As the vision heads toward Mordor, Frodo begins to feel the presence of Sauron. Hope leaves him as he realizes there was an Eye in the Dark Tower which was looking for him. Just as he is about to reveal himself to it, he comes to his senses, jumps off the seat, and removes the Ring. As the sunlight returns and Frodo calms down, he realizes that the evil of the Ring is at work in the company. He decides to go straight to Mordor, alone, not willing to risk the lives of any more companions.
– Back at camp, Aragorn confers with the others. They all voice support for whatever Frodo would decide, but Aragorn proposes that they split up anyway, saying that everyone going to Mordor would be overkill. Sam correctly guesses that Frodo will want to go alone nevertheless.
– Boromir returns to the camp and briefly tells how he confronted Frodo. He doesn’t explain that he tried to take the Ring, and still appears to be stricken with grief. When he says that Frodo put on the Ring and vanished, everyone goes into full panic and runs off to try to find him. Aragorn tries to organize the search, sending Boromir after Merry and Pippin before heading to the summit himself.
– Sam quickly realizes however, that Frodo will need the boats to get anyway and returns to the camp. When he gets to the shore, he sees a boat heading out and tries to jump in. He misses and flails about in the water. Frodo saves him, and tries to discourage him from coming. Sam bravely declares that he is coming whether Frodo likes it or not. Frodo eventually shows that he is glad to have Sam along with him. They row across the river and come safely to the eastern shore.
– Fellowship ends with the following words: “Then shouldering their burden, they set off, seeking a path that would bring them over the grey hills of the Emyn Muil, and down into the Land of Shadow.”

The Departure of Boromir
– Aragorn tries to follow Frodo’s footsteps on Amon Hen. He runs around for a while, seeing no sign of Frodo, but eventually hears the sound of Orcs below. He then hears the horn of Boromir, and rushes to his aid.
– Aragorn finds Boromir after the sounds of battle fade. Boromir is propped up against a tree, pierced with many black arrows. His horn lies broken by his side, alongside a huge pile of slain orcs. (art by chmiel)
– Boromir admits his earlier mistake to Aragorn, exhibiting remorse for having both failed his task to save Gondor, and betrayed the trust of the Company. He explains that Merry and Pippin were took alive by the orcs. With his dying breath, Boromir requests that Aragorn go to Minas Tirith in his place and save his people.
– Aragorn is greatly moved by the death of his comrade (Art by black3). Gimli and Legolas find him weeping over his body.
– They decide to send Boromir’s body over the Falls of Rauros in place of proper burial. There is a somber scene on the shore of the Anduin, as they load Boromir’s body into a boat and send it over the falls (Art by Ted Nasmith). Afterward, the three sing a mournful tune. (See top of post)
– Back at the shore, Aragorn finds Sam and Frodo’s packs and boat missing, deducing that they took off together eastward. He declares that the Company is no more and it is no longer his destiny to follow Frodo.
– With gusto, Gimli and Legolas join Aragorn as they set out in pursuit of the Orcs at sunset.

The Riders of Rohan
– A/G/L run all night in pursuit of Merry and Pippin. After some time, they see signs of a struggle and some dead orcs. As morning approaches, they reach the border of a great valley.

The Uruk Hai
– Pippin wakes in the evening, recalling the frantic search from Frodo from the afternoon. He finds himself bound tightly lying next to Merry amidst a great company of Orcs.
– After a moment, Pippin’s memories return. He recalls how after running away from camp, he had run into a band of Orcs, seemingly waiting for them. Merry fought bravely, and Boromir came leaping through the woods to their rescue. However, they were soon ambushed again and Boromir blew his great horn valiantly. The orcs continued to rain arrows into Boromir as the trio was overrun (Art by Deligaris). Pippin’s last memory was Boromir slumped against a tree, pulling out an arrow.
– Pippin grieves over his situation and struggles a bit. The orcs threaten him, but eventually he just gets ignored while they argue. Speaking in the Common Speech, they reveal that their orders were to capture halflings, aka Hobbits. There are mainly two parties of Orcs – Uruk-Hai from Isengard (led by Uglúk) and Orcs of Sauron (led by Grishnákh). (Art by TurnerMohan).
– There is a commotion as the orcs fight, and Pippin manages to cut his bonds with a knife from a dead body. Once order is restored, the Orcs grab Merry and Pippin and set off. Pippin loses consciousness again.
– The Orcs eventually decide they want Merry and Pippin to walk, so they revive the pair with some Orc medicine.
– They run all night. Pippin gets the idea to toss aside the brooch from his cloak near morning, although he is doubtful that anyone from the Company is coming to save him.

– One of Boromir’s well-known lines during his argument with Frodo: “‘The Ring! Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for so small a thing?’
– Frodo to Sam after Sam demands he come along to Mordor: “‘But I’m glad, Sam. I cannot tell you how glad. Come along! It is plain that we were meant to go together.’
– The argument between Uglúk and Grishnák is pretty classic, and one of the best instances we get of Orcs interacting amongst themselves.

Other content:
Gates of Argonath, by breath-art. Mural-style art reviewing today’s events.

From The Tale of Years:
Breaking of the Fellowship. Death of Boromir; his horn is heard in Minas Tirith. Meriadoc and Peregrin captured. Frodo and Samwise enter the eastern Emyn Muil. Aragorn sets out in pursuit of the Orcs at evening. Éomer hears of the descent of the Orc-band from the Emyn Muil.

Notes: Today starts the trend of having pages split across several chapters. Sorry for the late update, especially with all the pages, but it took a while to type and I got sidetracked. Anyway, one of my all-time favorite Tolkien songs today, and the big climax of Fellowship. We also get the first segments of all the isolated quests after the Company is split into Aragorn/Gimli/Legolas, Merry/Pippin, and Frodo/Sam. ~Tom


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