February 18, 2018 (February 18, 3019)

Day 3 of journey down Anduin

Shire Reckoning: February 18, 3019 (Solmath 18, 1420)

Pages to read:
FR.GreatRiver “The dull grey hours passed without event.” (~p.1) – “river that was the frontier of a war” (~p.2)

– The third day of floating down the Great River passes.
– The trees on the shore thin and then stop. To the west there are grassy plains and reeds, but to the east there are just brown, empty hills. The only animals to be seen are birds, often swans, flying overhead.
– Frodo exclaims that he thought winter wouldn’t be so grim to the south, but Aragorn explains that there are actually not that far south compared to the Shire. He also points out that they will be approaching the Limlight river soon, which is the northern border of Rohan.
– Sam is worried by the loss of trees, feeling exposed and vulnerable on the frontier of a war.

Other Content:
Galadriel’s Song, by Karliene. Yes this is yet another cover of “I Sang of Leaves.” BUT this is the best one, I promise. Seriously.

Notes: Another boring day for the Company. It’s kind of funny/sad that even after all this journeying, Aragorn says “But we have not journeyed far south yet.” I guess Middle Earth is just huge. ~Tom


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