February 17, 2018 (February 17, 3019)

Day 2 of journey down Anduin

Shire Reckoning: February 17, 3019 (Solmath 17, 1420)

Pages to read:
FR.GreatRiver (start) – “they saw no sign of any enemy that day, nor the next” (~p.1)

– Frodo wakes in the morning, to find the company had come to shore while he was sleeping.
– They get started again early, although no is too excited to come further south towards the Enemy.
– Aragorn insists that the Company rides in the boats all day so that they advance at a reasonable pace.
– No sign of the Enemy is seen as of yet.

Other Content:
Farewell Frodo, by breath-art. Gorgeous mural reviewing the departure from yesterday.
Namarie, by Adele McAllister. As I said yesterday, Galadriel’s songs are popular ones to cover, so of course I had to include Adele’s versions.
Galadriel’s Song of Eldamar, by Adele McAllister. Adele’s cover of the other Galadriel song. Figured these were appropriate to include because they would still be ringing in the company’s heads, as a final memory of Lórien.

Notes: Pretty uneventful day traveling down the river. ~Tom


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