February 14, 2018 (Part 2)

Content Dump

Note: While I was writing the early update today, I realized that regular content actually resumes tomorrow with the Mirror of Galadriel. Because I was so far behind, I have a ton of cool content that was supposed to be spread out through the stay in Lothlórien, but instead will just be lumped together into this big post.

The End of Summer (Galadriel’s Theme), by Bob Catley. Amazing cheesy rock song about Galadriel.
II. Lothlorien, by Johan de Meij. Part II of de Meij’s famous LOTR symphony.
Lothlorien, London cast of LOTR Musical. Song from the stage musical based on LOTR.
Song of the Quendi, by Sally Oldfield. Beautiful atmospheric song with lyrics based on the history of Tolkien’s Elves.

Rohan, by Norloth. Colorful abstract representation of Rohan.
Flowing into Lorien, by Norloth. Nice scenery shot of a river in Lórien.
Caras Gladhon, by ralphdamiani. Very impressive painting of the treehouse city of Caras Galadhon.

LOTR: Rohan focus, by CivilizationEx. Good summary video of the history of Rohan.
LOTR: Rohan (Part 2). Continuation of above, major spoilers after 5:15 or so.

Notes: Hope you enjoy all this random stuff, and I’ll be back tomorrow with some exciting plot to read! ~Tom


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