January 4, 2018 (January 3, 3019)

Boromir stuff

Shire Reckoning: January 3, 3019 (Afteryule 3, 1420)

boromir, by s-u-w-i. Evocative drawing of Boromir with the banner of Gondor.
The Horn of Gondor, by Donato Arts. Gorgeous and detailed painting of the Horn of Gondor. Boromir’s possession of this heirloom was highlighted during the departure from Rivendell.

For Gondor!, an article by Master Of Lore. This blog is actually quite interesting: it’s an exploration through Middle Earth through the lens of the Lord of the Rings card game. They write a ton of really interesting, in-depth articles, often about less well-known topics. For today, the link is to a summary of the kingdom of Gondor, specifically the White Tree and its heritage. There are a lot of spoilers, but it’s good background on an important kingdom that will play a big part in the story yet to come.

Notes: I have actually played the card game mentioned above a few times recently with my brother: I would recommend checking it out, but it is quite difficult. Also, there probably won’t be another update until next Tuesday, when the story picks back up. ~Tom


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