December 31, 2017 (Yule 1, 3018)

Company continues south

Shire Reckoning: Yule 1, 3018 (Yule 1, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.South “At first it seemed to the hobbits that although they walked and stumbled until they were weary, they were creeping forward like snails, and getting nowhere. Each day the land looked much the same as it had the day before. Yet steadily the mountains were drawing nearer. South of Rivendell they rose ever higher, and bent westwards; and about the feet of the main range there was tumbled an ever wider land of bleak hills, and deep valleys filled with turbulent waters. Paths were few and winding, and led them often only to the edge of some sheer fall, or down into treacherous swamps.” (~p.11)

Notes: Today is the first day of Yule, the Hobbits’ winter festival. Too bad our hobbits have to spend it on the road… ~Tom


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