November 25, 2017 (November 25, 3018)

Autumn fades in Rivendell

Shire Reckoning: November 25, 3018 (Blotmath 25, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.RingGoesSouth “So the days slipped away, as each morning dawned bright and fair, and each evening followed cool and clear. But autumn was waning fast; slowly the golden light faded to pale silver, and the lingering leaves fell from the naked trees. A wind began to blow chill from the Misty Mountains to the east. The Hunter’s Moon waxed round in the night sky, and put to flight all the lesser stars. But low in the South one star shone red. Every night, as the Moon waned again, it shone brighter and brighter. Frodo could see it from his window, deep in the heavens burning like a watchful eye that glared above the trees on the brink of the valley.” (~p.3)

– Autumn fades in the beautiful Rivendell. Despite the bright moon at night, Frodo can still see an ominous red star in the south.

Links to Other Content:
Rivendell, by Norloth.
Nocni Obloha, by s-u-w-i. Beautiful, evocative painting of a starry night at Rivendell. Features Elrond & Glorfindel, and Varda’s spirit in the sky.

Notes: I did some googling, and it seems the red star is probably just supposed to be symbolic of Sauron and the threat of war. It could also be the Middle Earth version of Mars, also red and associated with war. ~Tom


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