September 17, 2017 (September 16, 3018)

Radagast escapes Saruman’s attention

Shire Reckoning: September 16, 3018 (Halimath 16, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.CouncilOfElrond “At first I feared, As Saruman no doubt intended” (~p.22) – “in good faith, and so persuaded me” (~p.22)

– Because Saruman had deceived Radagast in order to bait Gandalf, “the fool” still wandered free


Links to Other Content:
Radagast The Brown – He That Walks Alone, by Yeldabon (featured). I really like this simple drawing of Radagast (the “simple”).
Saruman of Many Colors, by Deathlydollies13. Funny drawing of the scene from earlier this summer when Saruman claimed his new title.

Notes: Short paragraph to reintroduce us to Gandalf’s plight – he’s been stuck on the top of Orthanc since July, watching the pits and forges in Isengard. Good thing Saruman didn’t think to capture Radagast too… ~Tom


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