August 20, 2017 (August 18, 3018)

Summer passes in the Shire

Shire Reckoning: August 18, 3018 (Wedmath 18, 1419)

Page To Read:
-FR.ThreeIsCompany “The Shire had seldom seen so fair a summer, or so rich an autumn: the tress were laden with apples, honey was dripping in the combs, and the corn was tall and full” (~p.3)

– Summer passes in the Shire! Frodo & co. are (still) just hanging out, unaware of Gandalf’s plight. As far as they know, he’s still set to come back before they leave in the fall.


Links to Other Content:
Apples, by s-u-w-i. Adorable picture of Merry and Pippin!
Blackberry Tart recipe, by Feast of Starlight. We haven’t technically reached the Prancing Pony yet, but there won’t be time to focus on a fun Shire-themed recipe when we do! This tart looks amazing, I really want to try and make it. In fact I just might…

Notes: Not much to say; Tolkien only gives us basically one sentence to describe the Hobbits’ summer. There’s a little bit more background info to cover, and then the real adventure starts around September 15. ~Tom


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