August 15, 2017

Interesting Maps

For today I have some interesting maps by the one and only Karen Wynn Fonstad. I talked about her in a previous update; she wrote the legendary Atlas of Middle Earth and is a top notch illustrator. Hidden in there are some really unique maps, such as these:
Bio Map – shows the major plant type in each area
Climate Map – includes local climate type as well as ocean and wind currents
Geo Map – notes major geologic features across Middle Earth

Notes: If you’ve been following along events on the map of Middle Earth (as you should be!) these can be fun to check out details of each area. The great thing about Fonstad maps is that she was super careful to only include details that were super canon so there’s no confusion with non-canon material. (Lots of fan-made maps include original additions or stuff from Lord of the Rings Online, a video game, to flesh it out). ~Tom


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