August 9, 2017 (August 7, 3018)

The Hunt For Gollum

Shire Reckoning: August 7, TA 3018 (Wedmath 7, 1419)

Fan movie: The Hunt For Gollum!
– Remember the movie I sent out a few weeks ago about Aragorn’s dad that you all (hopefully) enjoyed so much? Turns not that’s not the only low-budget high-quality fan-made prequel out there!! The Hunt for Gollum is another amazing one, released earlier in the same year (2009) as Born of Hope. Chris Bouchard directs and Adrian Webster stars. Read the full story of wikipedia.
– I honestly enjoy this one even more, and it’s shorter so it’s easier to watch in one go. The story follows Aragorn as he hunts down Gollum in the summer of TA 3017 (“last year”, hence why Gandalf is still around). Have fun watching this exciting, spooky movie and be sure to compare with the entries in the Tale of Years from the last reading! ~Tom


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