July 31, 2017

Of the Stewards

Pages To Read:
-RKAppA section I.iv “The House of the Stewards was called” (~p.20) – “but of all that befell these three in the War of the Ring much is said elsewhere” (~p.25)

– After the line of Kings was broken, the Stewards ruled Gondor. They held all the power of Kings, despite not actually sitting on the physical throne.
– During the Watchful Peace, there was relative stability, but during the rule of Denethor I there was increased activity from Mordor (~500 years pre-LOTR).
– Denethor I had a son named Boromir who was so badass that even the Witch-King feared him.
– After Boromir’s death, Cirion takes over Gondor and establishes Rohan! (Specifically he almost gets his ass kicked at the Battle of the Field of Celebrant until the Rohirrim show up and save the day. Cirion then gives them some land. More info here)
– Bad stuff continues to happen to Gondor up through Ecthelion’s rule. He was assisted by the mysterious Thorongil, who often counseled Ecthelion to trust Gandalf as opposed to Saruman.
– Ecthelion’s son, Denethor II takes over some years prior to LOTR and continues to work on Gondor’s defenses. He is suspicious of all other anti-Sauron forces due to his extensive use of the palantír
– Boromir, his son (yes, named after the previous Boromir) is super heroic. Faramir, the second son, is more compassionate but still a great dude.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– Major foreshadowing for Boromir, Faramir, and Denethor, so pay attention to their mentions today.

Links to Other Content:
Earnur and Mardil, by Oznerol-1516. Mardil was the first Steward
The Stewards of Gondor, by enanoakd. Great graphic showing the line of Stewards, with nice historical summaries along the side. Some spoilers at the bottom about Faramir and Boromir, so be warned.

Notes: Fourth and final part of History of Gondor! Lots of details about the terrible gauntlet Gondor has to suffer pre-LOTR. Sorry for the formatting fail on the past few emails, should be all better now. ~Tom


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