July 2, 2017 (Midsummer 3018)

Midsummer – Gandalf meets Radagast

Shire Reckoning: Midsummer, 3018 (Midsummer, 1419)

Happy Midyear’s Day! Every seven years, the mayor of Michel Delving (and of the Shire) is elected today. It’s also the day of one of the biggest Hobbit festivals. Yesterday and tomorrow are outside the 12-month calendar (they are called special ‘Lithe’ days), and today is not even a day of the week. Today we hear of Gandalf’s business east of the Shire, but be sure our Hobbits are celebrating back in Hobbiton.

Pages To Read:
-FR.CouncilOfElrond “I turned then east and north” (~p.18) – “trusted my friend the innkeeper to send it to him” (~p.20)

– Gandalf meets his fellow wizard Radagast, who gives news. Gandalf’s fears are confirmed: the Nazgûl (aka The Nine/the Black Riders) are searching for a land called Shire. 
– Radagast tells Gandalf that Saruman offers aid, and then rides away to send for the help of his animal friends.
– Gandalf decides to leave a message for Frodo in Bree rather than come back to the Shire, then prepares to ride south.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– Remember the Necromancer from the Hobbit? Turns out he’s gone and this Saruman character (said to be the greatest of the Wizards) helped drive him out of Mirkwood.
– Gandalf trusts the innkeeper to get a message to Frodo… let’s see how that goes

Links to Other Content:
Radagast the Brown, by Joe Gilronan. Beautiful artwork of the Brown Wizard, and Gandalf coming to meet him

Notes: Foreboding news from Radagast today. Hopefully Saruman can offer Gandalf some aid. Spoiler alert: the Nazgûl are not just weak minibosses. ~Tom


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