June 30, 2017 (June 30, 3018)

Gandalf hears news

Shire Reckoning: June 30, 3018 (Forelithe 30, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.CouncilOfElrond “At the end of June I was in the Shire” (~p.18) – “sat a fear of which they would not speak” (~p.18)

-Gandalf hears news about a defeat in Gondor, and something ominous called the ‘Black Shadow’


Links to Other Content:
Gandalf wandering, by Shockbolt.

Notes: We pick up Gandalf’s account from the Council of Elrond. Given what we already know about Elrond from the Hobbit, it maybe be a bit of spoiler to know he has a council but I think it’s worth it to hear Gandalf’s tale real time… ~Tom


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