June 29, 2017 (June 29, 3018)

Gandalf leaves the Shire

Shire Reckoning: June 29, 3018 (Forelithe 29, 1419)

Pages To Read:
-FR.ThreeIsCompany “He went off at dawn” (~p.3) – “he forgot his troubles for a while” (~p.3)

-Gandalf rides away, leaving Frodo confused and a bit worried

Links to Other Content:
Gandalf. Beautiful portrait of the Grey Pilgrim by Miruna-Lavinia.

Notes: Just a little baby section today. Usually at this point, the narrative stays in the Shire and has to wonder what happens to Gandalf, but for the sake of keeping everything “real-time”, we’re going to pick up Gandalf’s account from a later chapter now. So don’t be surprised when we jump way ahead in the book tomorrow. ~Tom


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