May 29, 2017

Second Age “Week” – Second Age Timeline

Pages To Read:
-RK.AppB “The First Age ended with the Great Battle” (p.1) – “The Second Age ends” (~p.3)

– This timeline in ‘The Tale of Years’ summarizes every major event in The Second Age in about the briefest form possible, so if you’re interested… just read it.

– Thranduil gets a shoutout – apparently he set up his realm in Greenwood The Great in the beginning of the second age. (You may remember Thranduil as the Elvenking from The Hobbit)
– Elros (first king of Númenor, brother of Elrond) lives for 442 years. To be fair, the rest of the Númenóreans were not this long-lived but wow.
– The origins of the Rings of Power are told in brief (entries 1500, 1600, 1693). We’ll hear more about this later.

– Great summary vid of the background of Númenor (Part 1, Part 2), by CivilizationEx. CivEx has an amazing LOTR video series, which covers big topics like Númenor, but also specific things like the role Eagles have in Middle Earth. Their videos feature good pronunciation and accurate details as far as I can tell; I’ll link to several as LOTRRA continues. Although most of the time I recommend reading actual Tolkien text, I think it’s fair to substitute the Appendix material about the Second Age with watching these vids.
Sacrifice, by MirachRavaia. Really cool watercolor of Ar-Pharazôn worshipping Melkor after the arrival of Sauron. (Remember Ar-Pharazôn was the last king who stupidly listened to Sauron and then got Númenor destroyed)

Notes: Wasn’t my intention to drag the Second Age info on for more than a week, but I got distracted with, you know, life and stuff. Anyway, here’s the final update of Second Age “Week.” There’s not going to be much during the next few weeks, I’ll pick back up in the Shire on June 17th so look forward to that. ~Tom


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