May 25, 2017

Second Age week art – scenes of Númenor

Featured Artist: MatejCadil (Matěj Čadil)
– Amazing Czech artist who does a ton of Tolkien-inspired pieces. You will see his work frequently throughout LOTRRA. (Website: )
– For today’s art, I bring you three scenes from around Númenor, to help give a sense of what the race of Men had and what they lost.

Elves in Andúnië. Elves frequented this harbor on the west of the island before the Númenoreans started antagonizing the immortals.
Nisimaldar. This was a beautiful wood where Mallorn trees (from Lórien in Middle Earth) grew.
Noirinan. The Valley of the Tombs, which held the resting places of the kings and queens of Númenor, was an important part of the island’s culture and lay underneath the mountain at the center of the island.

Notes: Hope you enjoy Matěj Čadil’s great art, tomorrow I’ll have some maps to give an overview of Númenor. ~Tom


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