May 23, 2017

Second age week – art

The Queens of Númenor, by shyangell. Beautiful five-panel art of the four queens of Númenor as well as the Princess Silmariën. Little was written about the first four women, other then their names and years of rule. On the far right is Tar-Míriel who got screwed over by her cousin Ar-Pharazôn who as we covered yesterday was a huge jerk and sorta got Númenor destroyed.
As Little Might Be Thought, by Jenny Dolfen. Absolutely adorable painting of Elrond and Elros as children, with their caretaker Maglor (as well as Maedhros). Maglor and Maedhros have complicated backstories: basically they did a lot of bad stuff but Maglor softened up when little Elrond and Elros ended up in his care (after their father was forced to leave Middle Earth and beg for divine intervention).

Trivia I forgot to include yesterday:
– Númenor was also called Atalantë (“The Downfallen”), suggesting the inspiration for the story (Atlantis).
– Elrond from the Hobbit was originally just named after Elrond from the Second Age, but then Tolkien figured it just worked so he made them the same elf.

Notes: Only two pieces of art today, but they are both amazing… and I remembered to properly link them this time! I wish Tolkien had written more about both: it’d be super cool to hear about Númenor under female rule and who wouldn’t love Elrond as a little kid?? ~Tom


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