May 17, 2017

Middle Earth Recipes!!

Today I’d like to share a few fun LOTR-themed recipes. I will be completely honest, despite my habit of baking when stressed, I have not tried these specific recipes so I can’t say anything more than that they look good! They all come from LOTR Scrapbook, which is an old fan website that has good collections of poetry, recipes, image galleries and more.

Scones for Frodo – could definitely pass for a scrumptious Shire treat
Lembas Bread – we of course haven’t covered this yet, but Lembas bread is a special type of bread made my Elves
Bilbo’s Tea Cake – simple cake recipe, the site says to “serve it to Gandalf for afternoon tea”

Notes: Enjoy baking! Leave a comment on the blog telling us how they turn out 🙂 ~Tom


2 thoughts on “May 17, 2017

  1. How fun! I have baked this lembas before and it’s a very yummy, dense sort of scone. I have a seedcake recipe I got out of a newspaper in Hawaii of all places (it was made up by the article’s author to celebrate back when The Hobbit films were first announced) and I enjoy making that, too. Tolkien baking is a wonderful pastime 🙂

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