May 10, 2018

First Age Week: Túrin Turambar (art)

Túrin Turambar, tragic hero of the first age, by LiigaKlavina
Beleg Cúthalion, Túrin’s bff who was also super cool, by BrokenMachine86

Notes: Túrin was one of the major characters in the first age. Morgoth (the super bad evil guy) basically put a curse on his family and a bunch of really sad stuff kept happening to him despite his best efforts. He ended up slaying Glaurung (the first dragon) but also marrying his sister, killing his friend, and lots of other sad/weird stuff. Christopher Tolkien compiled several versions of the story into a full length book called “Children of Húrin” which is the closest thing we’ll ever get to another authentic Tolkien novel. There’s also an audiobook version read by Christopher Lee so that’s super cool (check out a sample here). ~Tom


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