May 8, 2017

Of the First Age

Pages To Read:
-RK.AppA “Fëanor was the greatest” (~p.1) – “is told in The Silmarillion” (~p.2)

– An amazingly short summary of the First Age is given.

Quick Summary of Important Terms/Names (links to Tolkien Gateway)
– Eldar = elves who went to Valinor, the land of the Valar
Morgoth = super evil bad guy who basically created all strife in the world
Two Trees = predecessor of the Sun and Moon, destroyed by Morgoth
Fëanor = badass elf who created the Silmarils: jewels which contained the light of the Two Trees
– Edain = Men* who made friends with the Eldar when they came back from Valinor and helped in the fight against Morgoth

Links to Other Content:
The Silmarillion in Three Minutes, amazing if somewhat exhausting trip through the First Age in 3 minutes by JP Kloess
Gondolin, by the illustrious Miruna-Lavinia. This secret city was the last stronghold of Elves before it was destroyed; Eärendil was born here.
Eärdendil the Mariner, by kimberly80. Eärendil was essentially the savior of the Eldar. He sailed to Valinor with a Silmaril and due to his pleas for help, the Valar came back and kicked Morgoth’s butt at the end of the First Age.
Ancalagon Rises, by TurnerMohan. Ancalagon was the largest dragon, created by Morgoth and defeated by Eärdendil. Not strictly mentioned in the text, but too awesome to leave out.

*despite my urge to correct Tolkien and use ‘Humans,’ I will stick with his naming convention and use the slightly sexist term ‘Men’ to refer to humans (in contrast with elves and dwarves).

I’ll cover the big stories mentioned in the next few days. If you’d like to hear more about the crazy stuff that went down in the First Age, check out the video above, or read some passages from the Silmarillion itself! A few chapters I love are 9, 23, and 24, as well as the Ainulindalë. Of course it’s all super dense and full of names you don’t really need for LOTR, but if you want to be a super fan like me check it out! ~Tom


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