May 7, 2018

Intro to the Appendix A, kicking off FIRST AGE WEEK

Pages To Read:
-RK.AppendixA: “Concerning the sources” (p.1) – “the event is not always included” (~p.1)
**every reading from the Appendices may contain spoilers to some degree

– Short introduction to the information in the appendices.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– When Lord of the Rings was first published there were no other sources in which one could find the ‘extensive’ legends, histories, and lore referred to. Tolkien originally planned to have these stories, which he viewed as his opus, published as The Silmarillion. However, there was never a time where both he and the publisher were satisfied with the book before he died, so his son compiled, edited, and published the book four years after his death.
– The First Age really is ancient. As we will see with the Tale of Years, the First Age ended nearly 6500 years before the beginning of LOTR, which as you remember is Third Age 3018. (The Second Age was nearly 3500 years long).

Links to Other Content:
A cool blog, with a fun concept of how to make the stories from the first age into a multi-season TV show.

Notes: Of course, any serious Tolkien fan should get around to reading The Silmarillion at some point, but I think reading the appendices will give a fun and brief introduction to the material.

Here’s an outline for the rest of the summer: This week we will look at the (admittedly small) section about the First Age, then after a break we will look at the Second Age, which does has more to do with LOTR. Then we will return to The Shire to read about Gandalf’s departure and travels. Starting at the end of July we will cover the appendix material that has to do with the Third Age, up until mid September when the main events start. ~Tom


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