April 25, 2017

Some instrumental music

Today I’ve just got a few instrumental pieces of music to share:

“Gandalf” from Johan de Meij’s Symphony No. 1. This 1988 symphony is thematically based on LOTR, and it is one of the most well-known pieces of music based on the book. Over the course of LOTRRA, I’ll link to all five movements of the symphony, today’s is the first movement which is a nice exciting piece entitled Gandalf (The Wizard). Definitely give it a listen, even if you don’t usually like classical music!

– If you like jazz better, I have another piece by John Sangster Orchestra, called “Longbottom Leaf.” Chose this one for today not only in honor of the recent 4/20, but also for the part of the prologue we read about pipeweed.


Notes: Have a great day! Relax, listen to a bit of music, and just chill like Frodo’s doing right now. ~Tom


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