April 11, 2017

The Shire Reckoning

Pages To Read:
-RK.AppendixD (start) – (end)
Warning: some mild spoilers about the general outcome of the story near the end.

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– There are two main ways of lining up the Shire calendar with that of our own, according to Tolkien in App D. The first is to align Midyear’s Day with the summer solstice, which puts us about ten days off. The second, which I shall adhere to, is to line up their first day of the year (2 Yule) with our first day (January 1). This only puts the dates ‘out of sync’ by about one or two days throughout the year. I made an excel sheet which shows the alignment.

Notes: Very confusing and detail-heavy section today! It has a lot of fun little notes, and I would recommend at least skimming it. I personally love the fact that the Hobbits didn’t like the days of the week changing over time and solved the problem by just eliminating a full day (Midyear) from the normal schedule of weeks. Those of us who love Tolkien’s invented languages also get a nice glimpse into his linguistic processes today: you can read him inventing the evolution of his own languages with the names of the months, seasons, and weekdays. ~Tom


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