April 7, 2017

Rumour of the world abroad

Pages To Read:
FR.Shadow “There were rumours of strange things” (~p.2) – “more terrible than all these, but they had no name” (~p.3)

– Elves are seen leaving Middle Earth (illustration)
– Tidings come to Frodo through Dwarves of lands far away: lands now fading into evil and shadow.
– Rumours spread of the dark tower being raised once again in Mordor, a name only heard in legends in the Shire. (illustration)

Notes: First mention of the Elves leaving Middle Earth today – make sure to remember this important theme!! This little section really sets up the whole mood of the story, so I would make sure to understand what’s going on, use a map for reference, and try to put yourself in Frodo’s shoes. Only a week left until the real-time reading starts! ~Tom


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