April 5, 2017

Frodo Ages

Pages To Read:
FR.Shadow “As time went on” (~p.2) – “wayfarers that began at this time to appear in the Shire” (~p.2)

– Frodo ages through his thirties and forties but strangely maintains his youthful appearance.
– Frodo begins to feel restless as he approaches his fiftieth birthday, the age when Bilbo went on his adventure. He wonders what is beyond the border of his maps, dreams about mountains, and visits with strange travelers.

Frodo reading in his study, by Jeff Murray
– (Featured) The Road Is Now Calling, by tinylaughs
Frodo Walking Under Starlight, by DanHollingsheadArt (inspired by a quote from Monday’s reading)

Note: What’s up with this ‘preservation’ that happened to Bilbo and now to Frodo? Does mysteriously looking young just run in the family… we’ll have to wait and see. Also note how Frodo has two sides: an adventurous side and a more “sensible” side: this was a major part of Bilbo’s personality in The Hobbit. ~Tom (ps tomorrow will be our first full break day – see you Friday!)


One thought on “April 5, 2017

  1. Am really enjoying the read along. I was just going to read your daily updates and not read the book for the umpteenth time but I couldn’t resist. Thanks so much for sharing this adventure.

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