April 4, 2017

Fonstad maps – Hobbiton & Bag End

– Map of Hobbiton
– Schematic of Bag End

Just wanted to take a bit of time to introduce the late Karen Wynn Fonstad of “Atlas Of Middle Earth” fame. Ms. Fonstad was an amazing cartographer and writer who created the Atlas Of Middle Earth in 1981: a comprehensive collection of floor plans, journey logs, city layouts, and maps of every shape, kind, and size. I have taken lots of screenshots that I will link to when appropriate because I think everyone deserves to be able to follow along with a map, but I highly recommend buying the book if you get the chance. She has good descriptions throughout and it is chock full of details, and almost everything is literally directly based on details that Tolkien wrote.

Anyway… for today’s art we have Fonstad’s Bag End and Hobbiton. Enjoy! ~Tom


2 thoughts on “April 4, 2017

  1. I found this Middle Earth map handmade replica (55 x 70 cm)
    Vellum lamb. Walnut ink and Gold. Written using feather quills.


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