April 3, 2017

Frodo continues his life in the Shire

Pages To Read:
FR.ShadowOfThePast (start) – “he visited the elves at times, as Bilbo had done” (~p.2)

– Time passes in the Shire, and Frodo continues to celebrate Bilbo’s birthday despite everyone thinking he went mad.
– Frodo often travels alone, but he has many friends (probably more than Bilbo at any rate), the closest of which are Merry and Pippin.

Links to Other Content:
– Featured art: a cute sketch of the 4 main Hobbits who have been introduced! by Catharin4
Another sketch of the Hobbits, by murr-ma-ing. This one shows them a few years prior to the start of LOTR so Pippin is quite young

Trivia, Quotes, and Details:
– The second picture above helps to clarify the age gaps: Frodo is the oldest, Sam is 12 years behind, Merry 2 years behind Sam, with Pippin 8 years behind Merry. So at the time of the party when Frodo turned 33, his best friend Merry was only 19, and Pippin was just a little guy of eleven years!
– Another friend mentioned is Fredegar Bolger who Tolkien originally planned to be one of Frodo’s companions; although this was also when Frodo’s name was Bingo and Merry/Pippin weren’t quite conceived yet. Yes that’s right, the original protagonist to LOTR was named Bingo Bolger-Baggins…

Notes: Things are seeming pretty nice in the Shire! Many years of peace and happiness for Frodo and his friends. What could ruin that? … ps it’s hard to find book-related artwork of Merry or Pippin, because people usually draw them together and using the movies as inspiration. I really like the sketch today though: those would be good faces to keep as a mental image because they align well with the Hobbits’ personalities. ~Tom


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