April 1, 2017

Hobbit family trees!

Pages To Look at:
RK.AppendixC (start)-(end)
Note: RK=Return Of The King. Many of these early updates will hop back and forth between FR and RK so just be sure to check.

Links to Other Content:
– Got a nice jazz track to listen in the background while you peruse the Hobbit family trees in Appendix C: Bilbo’s Birthday Party, by the John Sangster Orchestra

Notes: Not much to say about today… a bunch of Hobbit names! There’s some fun details hid in there, and it’s interesting to see how the main characters are all related one way or another. Also, you can find all the guests at the party by finding the underlined names, if you want to try to find all 144. Fair warning: there are some minor spoilers considering that the trees include births and marriages that take place after the events of LOTR. ~Tom


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