March 29, 2017

Gandalf arrives for the party

Pages To Read:
FR.Party “Days passed and The Day drew nearer” (~p.4) – “We shall see, said Bilbo” (~p.5)

– Dwarves start rolling up The Hill to Bag End bringing supplies for the party. (Beautiful illustration of The Hill by MatejCadil)
– Gandalf arrives soon after, with children begging for fireworks hot on his tail. (Featured art: illustration of the arrival, by peet)
– First thing Gandalf does? Speak mysteriously with Bilbo about some sort of ‘plan’ for the party. We’ll have to wait and see what they are talking about…
Mystical portrait of the wizard, by Miruna-Lavinia

– Bilbo notes his party will be on a Thursday. As we will eventually read in the appendices, Thursdays for Hobbits are more like our Saturdays, because Friday is the day of ceremonies and official events and such (like our Sunday). Bilbo got lucky his 111th birthday fell on the perfect party-day.
– Gandalf’s skill with fire is mentioned once again, so you figure it’s gotta be pretty important…


Notes: Can’t wait for the party tomorrow! It will be a little longer section than we’ve had so far, about 10 pages, so plan accordingly. ~Tom


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