March 23, 2017

Prologue: Of the Ordering of the Shire

Pages To Read:
FR.Pro Section: “Of the Ordering of the Shire” (~p.9-10)

– Summary of the geographical distribution of the Shire into four farthings.
– Summary of offices of power in the Shire, including the Thain, Sheriffs, Messengers, and Mayor (of Michel Delving)
– Update on the status of the Shire at the beginning of the story – reports of “strange persons and creatures prowling about the borders, or over them.”

– I promise the information about the Sheriffs will be important, but it will take almost until the end of the book so don’t get too excited…
– We finally get a firm date for the beginning of this tale: 60 years after Bilbo’s adventure with the Dwarves.

Links to Other Content: – a watercolor of the Shire hills, by Sarka Skorpikova – (Featured) a digitally-created map of the Shire, zoom in because the words are small! – detailed map of the Shire, by Karen Wynn Fonstad. Fonstad wrote one of the most informative books on Middle Earth of all time, called ‘The Atlas of Middle-Earth.’ I will frequently be sending out her maps as they really bring out details of the story that would otherwise be unappreciated.

Notes: More information about Tooks and Brandybucks today, and a short glimpse into Hobbit politics. Will be back tomorrow with the next section: a recap of The Hobbit. ~Tom, coordinator


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