March 22, 2017

Prologue: Concerning Pipe Weed

Pages To Read:
FR.Pro Section: “Concerning Pipe Weed” (~p.8-9)

– A history of pipe-weed is given by Meriadoc Brandybuck. It is native to southern regions of Middle Earth (primarily Gondor) but the Hobbits (probably in Bree) were the first to smoke it.

Art: (featured) a drawing of Longbottom by MatejCadil, looks like a lot of pipe-weed farming going on! painting of Bree, by Miruna-Lavinia, the pipe-weed was first smoked here, and it remained the center of the ‘art’ a certain wizard smoking Southfarthing Recreational, perhaps this is the wizard mentioned by Meriadoc today…

– Several important characters introduced today, chiefly Meriadoc Brandybuck who alludes to his adventures in the South. Considering what we read yesterday about the relative isolation of Hobbits, it is safe to assume this Meriadoc must be special.
– The Lord Of The Rings starts in Shire Reckoning year 1418. The smoking of pipe-weed is said to have been invented around 1070 Shire Reckoning, which would place it 350 years prior to “current time.” This may not seem like very long in the timeline of Middle Earth, but for comparison, Champagne was only invented 350 years ago in our world.

Notes: Fun little section today. Lots of name drops today… don’t worry the mystery of the so-called Dúnedain will eventually be solved! ~Tom


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