March 21, 2017

Prologue: Concerning Hobbits (Part 2)

Pages To Read:
FR.Pro “Those days” (~p.2) – “fair and square with no contradictions” (~p.7)

– A short account of the history of Hobbits is given – they originated east of the Misty Mountains but came west into Eriador as Greenwood the Great became Mirkwood.
– The origins of the Shire and the Shire Reckoning are explained – the king at Fornost gave the land to the early Hobbits and they started their calendar on the year they crossed the Brandywine River
– Hobbit dwellings, genealogy and other matters are discussed.

Links to Art: (Featured) Harfoots, Stoors, and Fallohides, by AlyssaF The Baranduin/Brandywine, by SarkaSkornikova the town of Michel Delving, by MatejCadil. This town is one of the largest in the Shire, with many above-ground houses. a beautiful painting of the view west towards the Tower Hills, by Miruna Lavinia. Across the horizon would be the white towers which look out to the sea.

– Tons of cool details about the Hobbits are included today – my favorite is that “they liked to have books filled with things that they already knew, set out fair and square with no contradictions.”
– Pay special note to the Took and Brandybuck families that are mentioned, they contribute some main characters shortly.
– Note the mentions of Fornost and the wars in Arnor – lots to come on this matter.

Notes: Please please please reference maps when reading detail-heavy sections like these. Here’s a high-def scan of the classic map, which was drawn by Christopher Tolkien: . All the important places from today should be on there in the north-western quadrant, including Bree, the Brandywine, the Anduin, the White Downs, the Tower Hills, and of course much more. If today left you wanting more details on Hobbit family trees and the Shire Reckoning, just wait my friend…


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