Raffle results

Hi all, short update today:

The winners of the raffle were Serena (hardcover), Kamolnich, Eleonora, Bruno, Rebecca, and Ben W. I’ve emailed/messaged you all. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!!

Other than that, I would just like to share this Lord Of The Rings donut: http://mirachravaia.deviantart.com/art/One-Donut-to-rule-them-all-445316224

One last thing: considering that The Hobbit was the real-life predecessor to Lord Of The Rings, I would encourage everyone to read Tolkien’s first novel over the next few weeks if you have time. Some people see it as a children’s novel, but it’s really just an awesome family-friendly adventure. It’s a super fun and quick read, and a great introduction to Hobbits, which are of course pivotal to Lord Of The Rings. (In real life too… Lord Of The Rings started as J.R.R. Tolkien’s response to fans who wanted another novel about Hobbits). I’ll probably post some Hobbit-related content to get everyone in the Middle Earth mindset, and keep everyone tided over until March 20th.

-Tom, coordinator


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