Raffle update/upgrade!

This is mainly a short reminder that you still have until Friday to enter the free book raffle… and also to say that the raffle now includes not only 5 paperback books, but also a beautiful hardcover edition!!

To enter just help me advertise for the project. One thing I did not mention yet is that if you don’t want to do a Facebook post, getting a friend to sign up counts. Email me ( tklos96@uchicago.edu ) with the name of your friend, and as long as they actually sign up, you get entered to win one of the 6 copies!

In case your friends need any encouraging, show them this list of reasons the Read Along is going to be absolutely crazy awesome:

  • Fanart for literally everything. I have 5 spreadsheets filled with links. You’ll get multiple visual aids for literally every character, place, and plot event.
  • So many maps! Maps of the Shire. Maps of Gondor. Maps of Rivendell. Maps of Númenor. Maps of every step of Frodo’s journey.
  • This summer will basically be a fun way of making you a Tolkien backstory expert. We’re going to read the prequel material in the Appendices before we even leave the Shire, so by the time Frodo is hiding on Weathertop, we’ll already have read the story of when and how the Watchtower of Amon Súl came to be. If you didn’t understand any of those words, don’t worry it’ll be easy to follow… like I said SO MUCH ART.
  • Beautiful renditions of every single song, verse, and poem. I have spent way too many hours scouring YouTube. Ever think poetry in the middle of an exciting chapter is boring? NOT WHEN CHRISTOPHER LEE IS READING IT.
  • I’ve found some really special content that I honestly I can’t even believe exists. Like a graphic novel adaptation of one of the chapters. An art series about the Dwarf-Orc Wars. A FULL-LENGTH FAN MOVIE ABOUT ARAGORN’S KICKASS DAD. A YouTube video of Sauron dancing ‘The Safety Dance.’
  • And of course, the best reason of all: an easy way to read every single page of Lord Of The Rings (and enjoy all of them)

As you can probably tell, I’m soooo pumped for LOTRRA to start. But after going on about the positive side of this experience, I should just include a few disclaimers –

  • There will be lot of emails. I will send out updates on well over half of the days in the project, one on every single day during the intense periods. Honestly, I would recommend deleting each one at the end of the day because all of the stuff will be archived on this blog forever, and if you don’t, your inbox is gonna fill up real quick.
  • If you intensely dislike the Peter Jackson movies, be cautious. As a general rule, the movies will NOT be considered canon for this project (so no movie-based art!) but I can’t completely remove the influence. And as I mentioned, I will be sending out clips sometimes. Just know that I will never ever stoop to movie bashing. I mean maybe I’ll joke around a little. But no hating! Except about the Arwen flashbacks in Two Towers. Let’s be real those were boring.
  • There will be just a few days with quite a bit of reading. September 26 (2017), March 7 (2018), March 17 (2018) in particular. I would try to keep up though, because it’ll be more fun that way 🙂

Here’s another pic of the hardback that is now part of the raffle. The text is gorgeous. 10/10 would recommend entering for a chance to win.img_0286

I think that’s about it for today. Prepare for page 1 on March 20, it’s gonna be a wild ride! I promise I’ll try to keep updates shorter than this generally ._.

-Tom, Project Coordinator


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